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Recov.her.y Life Coaching


Hi love, I am so glad you are here.

Recov.her.y is the story of owning her power, pulling herself out of toxic cycles, and building her dream life. 

This is her story. And you, my dear, are her.

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Ali's Story

Founder of Recov.her.y, Certified Life Coach, & Trauma Writer/Speaker

Ali specializes in breaking free of toxic cycles. The cycles we often fall into without even realizing just how much they hold us back from living our most aligned life.

This began with breaking free of her own toxic cycles: a 10+ year emotionally abusive relationship, crippling perfectionism, anxiety and panic disorders, self-harm, sexual trauma... the list goes on.

Through her own recovery, she discovered her soul purpose was sharing her experience and supporting other women in ending their cycles, and finding their power. 

That is how Recov.her.y was born. 


Client Testimonials

"When you hire Ali, you hire your life's greatest cheerleader"


I believe that every woman could benefit from a Recov.her.y session or program.

Ali is genuine in her approach and willingness to address and help you work through your toxic cycles.

I have leaned on therapy for years but this is the first program I feel like I'm actively working through my trauma that will actually bring self-healing. During every session, I am able to work through and address new layers of my trauma, and in between sessions Ali gives me exercises that I can use on a daily basis to continue that work.

I am so thankful for this program and the healing it has already provided me.

Brooke M.

Want to work together?

Let's make this story YOURS. 


We can work together in one of two ways:

  • 1:1 coaching (ongoing enrollment, 12 week minimum program)

  • Small group coaching (offered 2x per program a year, 10 week program). 

Keep reading to learn more!


1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 coaching container is for the woman who is ready to tackle her toxic cycles and create a solid foundation to build HER dream life from. This program is personalized for her specific dreams and goals.


Exit the Roll.her.Coaster

Exit The Roll.her.Coaster, my group coaching program, is for the woman who is ready to get off the rollercoaster she has come to know as life and have her feet on solid ground again to build her dream life from.


Pow.her.ful Entrepreneurship

Pow.her.ful Entrepreneurship, my group business program, is for the female business owner who wants her passion to become her power and have her business directly represent that. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be hard, it gets to be as EASE AND FLOW as your breath.

Unsure how to pick what program is right for you? I am always excited to jump on a Discov.her.y call to discuss all the details and find what program is best for you!


Not ready to work together just yet?

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