Once we've done the work on ourselves, it’s out of alignment to do business and entrepreneurship in the way the current system has set it up: soul sucking, sales-y, forced, hard, & uber-masculine.

Can you imagine a world run by healed, enlightened, powerful ass women, instead? 

BECAUSE THAT'S THE WORLD I WANT TO LIVE IN and this program is designed to help YOU claim this power in your business. And THUS -- be the change you want to see in the world. 


  • Small group 3-6 women per group. 

  • Runs bi-annually (February and June) for 10 weeks. 

  • 5 modules to integrate

  • 5 group calls to process

  • YOU always have homework + action items to ensure you achieve your goals. 

  • + UNLIMITED in-between voxer support since lots of life happens in between! 

Ready to claim your spot? Let’s jump on a call to personalize your deposit + payment plan and secure your spot in the next round!